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PIECCE has drawn on many sources of knowledge, expertise and experience in its work. Process and content learnings have been documented throughout the project, and captured in various Knowledge Products.

Most PIECCE Knowledge Products are summaries of project components at different stages of development, or of key debates relevant to PIECCE. The availability of the final project outputs is as follows:

  • Output 2 (Research Review) has been completed and is available as both the full report and in a distilled form.
  • Output 1 (A Collaboration Process Model) and Output 3 (A Standardised Programme Framework and set of support materials) will be available at the end of the project (December 2019).

Download the various knowledge products related to PIECCE below.

Knowledge Products

Programme Framework Overview Product – January 2020 – Download File:PDF 0.3MB

Collaboration Model Knowledge Product – January 2020 – Download File:PDF 1.5MB

PIECCE Community of Practice Meeting Report – July 2019 – Download File:PDF 0.6MB

Piecce Communiqué – May 2019 – Download File:PDF 1.7MB

Articulation of Qualifications in ECCE: Report on Roundtable Discussion. June 2018 – Download File:PDF 1.1MB

Crossing Sectors: Collaborating for Quality in Teacher Education in PIECCE. Poster Presentation at SARECE Conference. May 2018 – Download File:PDF 0.5mb

The PIECCE Community of Practice: Overview of the first CoP Meeting 28 September 2017 – Download File:PDF 1.4MB

PIECCE Baseline Findings: Overview of the Literature Review and Surveys. September 2017 – Download File:PDF 1.1MB

The ECD Qualification Continuum: Articulating Level 3 through to Level 7. Panel Discussion at Ntataise. August 2017 – Download File:PDF 1.0MB


Collaboration Model Report – Jan 2020 –  Download File:Pdf 2.3mb

Play Summary – July 2019 –  Download File:Pdf 0.9mb

Pedagogies Summary – July 2019 –  Download File:Pdf 0.9mb

PIECCE Africanisation Summary – July 2019 –  Download File:Pdf 0.9mb

PIECCE Dev Ed Summary – July 2019 –  Download File:Pdf 0.7mb

RPL Summary – July 2019 –  Download File:Pdf 0.9mb

PIECCE Birth to Four Programme Framework WIL Chapter 8 Summary – DRAFT Download File:Pdf 0.5mb

PIECCE Mid Term Review Collaboration Reflection Report July 2018 – Download File:Pdf 0.7mb

Output 3: Programme Framework for ECCE Qualifications (Diploma & Degree). Draft version – June 2018 – Download File:Pdf 1.2mb

PIECCE Output 2 Research Review: Baseline Findings. August 2017. Download File: Pdf 1.9mb

PIECCE Theory of Change Outline. July 2017 – Download File:Pdf 0.2mb


The PIECCE Collaboration Journey – Download File:Pdf 0.5mb

Forums for ECD: Sharing the landscape at the PIECCE Community of Practice – Download File:Pdf 0.2mb

Literature Review and Programme Framework – Download File:Pdf 0.2mb

Quick Review: The Collaboration Journey. Presentation at PIECCE July 2018 Mid-term Review – Download File:Pdf 0.9mb

Play and Programme Framework. Presentation at PIECCE July 2018 Mid-term Review – Download File:Pdf 0.2mb

Education Studies at TVET Colleges: Presentation at PIECCE Workshop August 2017 (False Bay) – Download File:Pdf 0.4mb

ECCE Knowledge and Practice Standards for Emerging and Initial Teacher Education. Presentation at PIECCE workshop August 2017 – Download File:Pdf 0.2mb

PIECCE Theory of Change and M&E. Presentation at July 2017 workshop – Download File:Pdf 1.3mb

Exploring possibilities: what constitutes a quality ECCE programme ECCE programme/ curriculum in diverse SA contexts? (Loryane Excel & Guilietta Harrison, July 2017)

Becoming a professional ECCE educator. (Guilietta Harrison). August 2017 workshop?

An In-service Model for WIL. (Rhodes/ CSD) (August 2017 workshop)

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